Is It Time To Consider Assisted Living For Your Parent?

A Guide On Aged Care

Aged care is essential for senior adults who suffer from aged-based and chronic illnesses such as dementia, diabetes, COPD and arthritis. The primary objective of aged care is to manage pain, slow down the effects of the disease and make the patient's life comfortable. Read this extract to learn more about aged care

Who Needs Aged Care? 

Most senior adults can comfortably live with illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. However, once they begin to age, their immune systems become weak, and it becomes a bit difficult to manage the symptoms of their disease. At this point, they may need some help when performing basic household chores. In severe circumstances, they may need assistance when walking.

Aged Care Options 

Home-based care is ideal for seniors who would want to spend time at home or with their close family members. Typically, the senior adult will employ a caregiver (it could also be a family member) to take care of him or her at home. More often than not, the house may need minor renovations such as installing rails and low-lying shelves to ease the mobility of the patient. As a rule, the caregiver must understand the medical history of the senior adult.

Residential care can be provided in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is an ideal option once the disease becomes severe and the patient requires constant medical attention. At the facility, the patient will regularly interact with other seniors. He or she will kill boredom with social activities such as book clubs and board games.

Transition care is customised for patients who need medical attention after leaving the hospital. It can be provided at home or a facility for the aged. The patient may receive therapy, nursing support and personal care services until he or she gets healthy.

Considerations When Enrolling In Aged Care

Below are some tips to help you choose a suitable aged care option. 

Aged care will help alleviate the symptoms of your disease. Depending on your needs, you can opt for long-term or short-term care.